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The SCOTUS ruling did not establish health care as a human right. It established that the government can force you to buy a product from a private, for-profit corporation. Which those of us living in Massachusetts already knew. If "health care is a human right" were true, we'd have universal health care. Not a for-profit scam we're all being forced to play into. (Mandatory no-fault insurance re: auto isn't the same thing, since no one is ever forced to have a driver license and a POV.)

At least, since we're being forced to buy their product, they can't turn us down. We'll see if they actually pay up when the time comes. I'm not betting on it.

Exhausted. I'm finishing off this project, and I'm so damn tired. Every day at about 2 pm I crash. Wish I could take naps at the office; a 20 minute nap would keep me going until 11 pm no problem. Instead I've been falling asleep around 9-9:30 and not waking up until 6.

Twitter as a social media platform works for me. I can throw out the most random things, or I can have conversations with others as we feel like it. I also like "long-form" media platforms such as blogs for explaining more complex thoughts, but Twitter is good for more real-time interactions. Plus, news aggregate. I follow some fucking brilliant people.

Things are fucked up enough that my doc wants to see me twice per week. One of those times can be a webcam call so I can do it from home.

I have my little sister this long weekend. No, I do not have the energy. However, Abby can be low maintenance if handed her laptop and wi-fi, so if I need a rest, I can get one.

Come to think of it, I don't have the energy for the vigil tonight at the Statehouse for Mollie Olgin and Mary Christine Chapa. Mollie Olgin died of the shot to her head; Mary Christine Chapa is presumably still in the hospital. But I should be there. Things aren't getting better for queer people in this country unless they're rich and white, and these two girls were poor. My guess is that if this does turn out to be a hate crime it won't be prosecuted as such. Even thought Texas has a state-level hate crimes bill that includes sexual orientation, if you live in a state where most people think gays are an abomination, good luck trying to get the DA to put that enhancement on the charges, or for them to stick.

Fuck, I don't even have the energy for my last day of work. And I have to leave in 30 minutes.

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