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I'll just say it up front: anyone who doesn't believe that the mormon "church" isn't the driving impetus and, more importantly, money behind the national movement of gay-bashing-by-ballot since Hawaii in the 1990s hasn't been paying attention.

HuffPo ran The worst anti-gay marriage ads ever made post, and hoo boy, the pain. Those ads positively DRIPPED Great Salt Lake dollars.

All the actors in the NOM "Gathering Storm" ad are Mormons; I've seen them all in other propaganda videos. Names of those Mormons identified are Nanci Wudel of the Mesa, Arizona stake (apparently she's on the board of the annual Mesa Easter pageant), Michele Baer of the Flagstaff, Arizona stake, Sterling Baer (Michele's husband), Carol and Glade Soelberg, a Mormon family in Mesa, Arizona who are active in an anti-gay PAC, and DeeDee and Steve Abaroa of the Gilbert, Arizona stake.

The "Save the Family" 4 minute ad uses a song which is copyright and performed by Janice Kapp Perry, a famous Mormon singer/songwriter. The group that funded that ad is the "Family Leader Network;" half their "Board of Directors" are Utah Mormons. Just for shits and giggles, Robert Bork is on their "Board of Advisers."

The "Sacred Ground" video, which is an ad to reject Referendum 71 (Domestic Partnerships in Washington State), uses a painting of Adam and Eve which is copyrighted "Intellectual reserve" by the Mormon church.

The "Sacred Ground" Adam and Eve painting

Click on the picture thumbnail for the full image and copyright.

The other image in the "Sacred Ground" video is a painting of the Sermon On the Mount by Carl Heinrich Bloch, which is used extensively in Mormon publications.

Now, the Referendum 71 ad intrigues me, because it's the first public sign of Mormon money going into Washington. The LDS "church" has previously stated that they are not against civil unions, DPs, whatever. Certainly the Mormon front group NOM has not publicly been involved in the Referendum 71 fight. However, as Lurleen pointed out at Pam's, the Washington state anti-gay PAC has stopped asking for money. Now, on October 12, a law will go into effect in Washington prohibiting contributions of over $5,000. Which means that $40 million won't be coming from the Mormon "church" after that date. However, in light of the evidence that the Mormon "church" is indeed playing in Washington state, courtesy of Mormon copyright images in the campaign ads, I think it's safe to say that before the end of this week, a lot of Mormon money will magically turn up in the anti-gay PAC in Washington.

The couple in the "Everything To Do With Schools" ad, or the "King and King" ad, the Wirthlins, are a Mormon "power couple" with highly-connected family in Salt Lake City. Their relatives include Richard "Dick" Wirthlin, a powerful Mormon official who was one of the original General Authorities overseeing the first gay-bashin­g-by-ballo­t effort in Hawaii in the 1990s, and who was involved in both Prop 8 and Arizona's Prop 22. The Wirthlins moved into a school district in Massachusetts after already being involved in two anti-gay hate groups, and within weeks filed suit with the school system, refusing mediation or a settlement. Neighbors of the Wirthlins are convinced they moved in specifically to file the lawsuit, and gin up anti-gay bigotry based on a "save our children" platform.

We'll be back with more of this later on. There's just too much for one sitting. One thing is for sure: the Mormon "church" is one of the most vicious hate cults ever dreamed up.


Oct. 8th, 2009 03:56 pm (UTC)
The phrase White and Delightsome is really intrinsic to mormon dogma.
example link
Oct. 8th, 2009 04:12 pm (UTC)
Oh, I know. My parents attempted to raise me in that little hate cult. Obviously, it didn't take. ;)

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