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Faces of hate

Cross-posted at Pam's House Blend as a follow up to the committee hearing liveblog

So today was the Hawaii State Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on HB444 HD1, a bill for Civil Unions.

I really shouldn't have gone, for the sake of my own health and personal sanity, but I couldn't stay away. (1) It's important to show support. Can't have all those bused-in church ladies in red shirts stealing the show. Even though they did. (2) I promised Pam, blogmistress of, that I would liveblog the hearing. Turns out I've been the national-level GLBT blog voice of Hawaii on this issue. Go me.

So, despite the concussion, the neck sprain, and barely 6 hours of sleep, I finagled a ride down to the Capitol from someone coming from North Shore who was able to stop by and pick me up.

For anyone who wants to read my accounting of the proceedings, go to my diary at Pam's.


You know, it gets really tiresome to be called diseased and a pedophile and a rapist and an abomination and a threat to America three dozen times in one day. It infuriates me to hear that yes, heterosexuals have special rights (at least they admitted it finally!) and that is how it should be because The Big Book of Bronze Age Fairy Tales says so. To hear little old ladies screaming that they would rather see their grandchildren commit suicide than "be part of that disgusting, filthy, evil lifestyle", isn't even remotely amusing anymore.

Even better is to, due to the concussion headache beginning to blind me, forget to take off my little green and gold "equality" sticker on the way out of the building, and be followed to the bus stop by a bunch of red shirts with signs. Three 6'5", 200 pound Islander guys with signs saying "Gay marriage is wrong" and "John 3:16" followed the lone little white girl with her laptop case across the street, yelling at me, "Repent!", calling me a bitch and a whore, telling me, "You just need a real man to fuck you straight." Nothing I haven't heard before.

Then one of them said, "We know who you are now, and what you drive. We saw you last Thursday. You better watch yourself, fucking haole bitch." Not one of the 20 people standing around the bus stop said anything to them.

I got on the first bus that came along, got off three stops down the street, and caught my right bus a few minutes later. I rode home all alone, with my headphones on, praying no one bothered me.

I don't want to ever hear another fake apology from these people saying that they don't actually hate queers, they're just "protecting traditional marriage". It's just the latest lie in their christian hate grab bag.

EDIT: Since apparently this got posted at Joe.My.God. (HOW???), and most people reading this haven't been following my coverage, here's a note to clear up the confusion. Posted in the comments at Joe's:

For those who are confused by "know what you drive comment" and the bus, you skipped over the "we saw you last Thursday" comment. Thursday, the day of the House vote on HB444, I drove to the Capitol and parked in the garage. That was the first day that the Red Shirts had come out in force. After the vote was finished, several of us hung around in rotunda to talk. When I left to get my car and drive home, I left alone. We were all wearing the green and gold equality stickers, so we were easily identifiable as supporters. I did notice a few of the Red Shirts in the parking garage near me, but didn't think anything of it. Maybe they took photos of my license plate; it wouldn't surprise me.

I took the Bus to the capitol on Tuesday because I had been rearended the day before and couldn't drive. Please see the liveblog for details of the accident and concussion headache. Hence the bus. Sorry, no Ashley Todd drama here. Just a gross mixture of hate, bad luck, and a couple of thugs who get their jollies intimidating women.

Do I honestly think that these people would take the time and effort to track me down via my license plate and hurt me? No. Am I easily identifiable in this crowd? Hell, yes. Lone white girl carrying a laptop with an equality sticker on it? According to a friend, one of the papers mentioned me specifically as the live blogger for the hearings. My picture has been in the group shots published in the Advertiser and Star Bulletin. I'm easily identifiable, and therefore an easy target for asshattery. What have we learned? Don't go out alone when the Red Shirts are around. Use the buddy system.
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